BBC man thinks BBC is so wonderful it sometimes suffers for it

The Telegraph thinks it is news that the producer of BBC’s Match of the Day thinks Match of the Day is wonderful.

“It would sometimes get frustrating when you would get complaints that were simply factually wrong: for instance, there was this idea around that the commentators were not at the matches. I tried to point out to people that this was just not true, but because it is the BBC you have to respect everybody’s ‘opinion’. I think the BBC can be too pure for its own good.”

Too pure for its own good. Seriously.

And can you guess what the writer of the article’s politics might be? This might help you:

The corporation’s fetishisation of ‘balance’, as in weighing the scientific rigour of a hundred professors against the views of one bloke with a blog, certainly seems to be doing nobody any favours in politics and news at the moment.

One hundred professors versus one bloke with a blog. That’s really how these people see the world. And the Telegraph now employs them as sports writers. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that another of the writer’s articles was headlined “Bradford girls cricket team faces down prejudice of all forms”. Imagine being inside the person’s head who wrote that. There must be a jumble of cliches floating around, like one of those 90’s music videos where important words like ‘Respect’ and ‘Toleration’ would float around the screen in a portentous manner.

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2 thoughts on “BBC man thinks BBC is so wonderful it sometimes suffers for it

  1. Am I alone in wishing there were no football commentators? I would be quite content if the pictures were accompanied by just crowd noises. To be honest if you were at the game and had these cretins spouting their rubbish next to you wouldn’t you be tempted to clock them?

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