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  1. I’ve been watching some of the UK Yellow Vests and I’m afraid that conspiraloons do seem to be making up a significant part of the Yellow Vest protestors. The small yellow vest demo in London last Saturday appeared to be to be fraggles all the way through, including a guy marching in support of a gaoled cancer-cure quack doctor. One of the initial promoters of the Yellow Vest movement in the UK has been caught out making the laughable claim that Britain is ‘run by a gang of Satanic Paedophiles’. Also, there’s been yellow vest groups in the north who appear to be obsessed with the pseudoscience that 5G mobile devices are for ‘mind control’ and that LED lights are making people ill, neither of these claims seem to have any basis in truth.

    Whilst I agree with the general opprobrium that the MSM is held in, I could not ignore the evidence before my own eyes that this demo on Saturday had not attracted the legions of normal ordinary politically disengaged people that it would have needed to attract in order to grow.

    I tend to concur with Conspiracy Watch that there is a propensity for those involved in the Yellow Vest movement to believe in guff such as ‘Zionist plot’ conspiracy theories.

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