Another type of disguised thieving

The government helps itself to more private property:

A rare page from Charles Darwin’s On The Origin Of Species  has been barred from leaving the UK by the government as a buyer is sought.

Look, I can understand the attraction of saying ‘This important historical artifact should stay in Britain’. But it’s not yours. I can think of lots of things of which it would be better, in my opinion, if they stayed in Britain. But those things aren’t mine either, and I have no right to force the owners to keep them here. If you think it’s that important that something stay in the country, then you buy it. Otherwise you’ve just used your power to steal something.

It’s like those environmentalists who say that it’s very important that nature be preserved. To which I say, great, go and buy as much of it as you can to preserve it. But they don’t want to do that. They want to keep their money, and their nice lifestyle, and trendy house in a fancy suburb, and just use the government to just trample over other people’s property rights to do so.

You want it, you buy it.

Update: I also note that over half the piece consists of direct quotes from the Minister and the ‘expert’ member of the reviewing committee. More ‘journalism by press release’ then.

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