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Something else that pisses me off about Twitter

I really hate this sort of thing:

Nothing against Danny Baker personally, who I don’t know much about, but I really hate this sort of thing.

Firstly I hate it because I don’t like any sort of messing about with a game as it is played on the field for the sake of some gesture, no matter how worthy. I’m not at all against some sort of tribute being paid to Gordon Banks. Fine. Do something before a match. Have a parade. All fine. But don’t piss about with actual games.They are their own thing. We don’t want gestures and politics brought into it. And you allow one thing and then there’s demands for more of it, and eventually it all goes political. Keep this crap off the field. (I don’t even like black armbands being worn on the field, but I seem to be alone on that.)

The second reason I hate this sort of thing is because it’s really all about drawing attention to yourself. Is it really that important that this exact tribute to Gordon Banks be made? Or is it really about the re-tweets, and getting your name known even more? Is it about the campaign, or the fact you’re heading the campaign?

I really hate the constant demand for re-tweets on Twitter. ‘If you think Theresa May is betraying our country, please re-tweet’. Well, I do, I say that a lot myself, but how does me retweeting your content-free tweet help advance that case? I re-tweet stuff that has a bit of an argument in it, or a point well-made, or something amusing, or something which throws a bit of fresh light on a well-worn subject. I don’t just re-tweet something that basically says ‘Like a lot of people, I hate X, if you also hate X tell all your Twitter friends that I’m an important person in regard to hating X even though all I’ve said is “I hate X” and then demanded that you shout out to everyone that I should be listened to’. No, if you’re that person then as far as I’m concerned you can go away and craft something that’s worth re-tweeting and then maybe I’ll consider it.

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