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Bohemian Rhapsody: a few notes — 3 Comments

  1. The one thing that really got on my tits when I watched “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the cinema was the use of “Who Wants To Live Forever”…I was 9 at the time of Live Aid but even still I knew “Highlander” came out later

  2. What you describe would have been a more interesting, and probably better, movie.

    Like most things the more expert you are in the subject the more you’ll hate the mainstream representations of it. I consider most biopics to basically be a fanboy’s breathless love note, and, wishing to join in the fun this time, I loved it.

  3. I did have a lot of fun watching it, despite my carping. And I was glad to see Queen getting a load of attention from a new generation. Over the last few years I’ve found that Queen are tremendously popular with youngsters.

    The other good thing was that the mediocre later albums didn’t get much of a look-in.

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