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I had that Anna Soubry in the cab of my cab once…

Well, not exactly, but I did meet her once at a party. About fifteen years or so ago. Let’s just say it was an enlightening experience. I didn’t know much about her at that stage, but by the end of the evening I knew I couldn’t stand the woman. She was extremely arrogant and loud-mouthed, which I don’t mind if it’s someone who can actually argue, but all she did was bray and honk and refuse to listen to what anyone said. (Not that I was arguing with her, I was with some more fun people and watched her from a distance, plus it was impossible not to hear her.)

She had that old-fashioned pseudo-aristocratic Tory barrister manner down to a tee. ‘Lady Muck’ my mother would have called her. It’s funny to see her now pretending to be a ‘woman of the people’, when she comes across in person as the most top-down, self-obsessed, pompous, poo-pooing grandee you could hope to meet.

And also one of the most duplicitous, though admittedly she isn’t a patch on Theresa May in this regard. Remember Drummond’s Law: whatever the left accuse the right of doing is something they’re up to themselves. Soubry and her Tory TIG mates are a case in point. They’re complaining about entryism into the Conservative Party. Which is, er… exactly what these disguised LibDems did when they joined the Conservative Party.

And of course the problem for the Tories is not ‘entryism’, but ‘exitism’, as members have deserted the Conservative Party in droves since the likes of Cameron, May and Soubry became the new face of the party. If the ERG really did run the party you could expect new members to join in large numbers.

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2 thoughts on “I had that Anna Soubry in the cab of my cab once…

  1. I for one am glad. The more authoritarian shits like Soubry who leave the Tory party, the better. And hopefully a few more of the Brexit traitors will get their comeuppance via deselection. And perhaps, just perhaps, we might be left with a Tory party that has an actual rightish tinge to it.

    Which would be nice.

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