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Always look on the bright side of life

After yesterday’s dark Brexit news it may seem hard to see the sunny side. But here’s the upside of Brexit being stymied.

The Conservatives killed off.

Labour killed off.

A new set of parties in power with very different aims, and a mandate to flush out the civil service and the BBC.

Brexit eventually achieved anyway.

But what would be best is if the Queen finally does something useful in her life and suspends Parliament for a few months. On this, however, I don’t have much optimism. She probably thinks, even if she wanted to do it, that it would hasten the demise of the Royal Family. But that family is rapidly going down the plughole anyway, so she might as well do something grand and have the Windsors go out with a bang.

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One thought on “Always look on the bright side of life

  1. The irony is that the majority would be with her. But the media wouldn’t, and that’s what would do for her.

    And they’d be screaming “democracy” the whole time…

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