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Only a bloody fool would sign anything the EU put before them now…

Seriously, how much of a fool would you have to be to sign a contract offered to you by the EU? After all the thuggish behaviour we’ve seen them engage in? Now that it’s clear that they don’t represent the other 27 EU countries? Now that it’s clear that they’re an oligarchy who are only interested in their own power, and increasing their empire?

How much of a bloody fool – or a knave – would you have to be to still sign the piece of paper they’re putting in front of you, knowing all that? Possibly the biggest fool – or the biggest bunch of fools – who have ever ruled this country since the beginning of recorded history.

Update: Possibly even one of the biggest fools in the whole of history. At least the other countries who’ve signed humiliating deals in the past had no choice. Whereas our fools have no reason to, and have been clearly instructed by their countryman to get out of the EU, not to get further trapped by it. I cannot believe that our rulers are considering signing a contract that even a medieval peasant would recognise as a bum deal.

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3 thoughts on “Only a bloody fool would sign anything the EU put before them now…

  1. Cui bummo?

    I can easily believe that TM would sign a deal that pushes a broken bottle up our bums while procuring a lifetime supply of super soft Andrex for herself and the rest of the elite.

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