Would you select him for your party?

The Guardian:

Tories are prejudiced against Islam, says council candidate

Why is Islam a protected religion? Would there be any controversy if a political party didn’t like scientologists? Wouldn’t it in fact be a scandal if that political party was selecting scientologists?

And why should a political party with a certain set of beliefs be forced to select candidates who in their estimation don’t fit with the party’s values?

Sadjady said he had rarely been on the receiving end of overt discrimination in the Conservatives

So what actually happened to him? He didn’t selected for a seat. That’s basically it. Oh, and he was seated next to some BAME people at a dinner once. The thinnest of thin gruel. And then he runs off to the Guardian to complain. Yes, he’s a conservative through and through, can’t imagine why he didn’t get selected.

A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain said Sadjady and people like him should be allowed to share their experiences to an independent inquiry, allowing people to raise concerns without fearing for the political future.

Nothing’s stopping him sharing his experiences. Nothing’s stopping these people setting up their ‘independent inquiry boards’. What this spokesman really means, of course, is that there should be a government board set up that can gradually acquire the power to tell political parties which candidates they can choose.

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