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Will Self has become a weird gothic fantasy creature

Watch this clip of Will Self and Mark Francois. (Or don’t watch it. I won’t blame you if you just read a book instead.)

Will Self does quite well to start with. Francois doesn’t understand that saying that ‘All As and Bs’ is not the same as saying ‘All Bs are As’. Or maybe he does understand, but thinks that Self is just dog-whistling. It’s hard to know because they just talk past each other.

But it’s the bit after that is funny. Funny peculiar, not funny-ha ha. Self just stares at Francois like he’s a loony trying to kill Francois with his mind power. That weird set of the mouth that he’s always had seems even madder than it used to be. He looks like a demented raven. Perhaps he was tripping and he started seeing Francois as a devil. It was like a vision of the 16th century, with Self as the priest who suddenly realises he is face to face with Satan, and he knows Satan can only be defeated if his will is strong enough

By the time Brexit happens – if it happens – I wonder how many cultural icons will be left standing?

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One thought on “Will Self has become a weird gothic fantasy creature

  1. Is it just my own Leave bias, or do a lot of these Remain fanatics have a sort of deranged look to them? I mean they don’t all, Ken Clark seems pretty avuncular for all his euro-enthusiasm. But many of the ones that we see constantly on TV at the moment seem to have that unhinged glint in their eyes……

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