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May is not our PM. The government is illegitimate. And so is Parliament

Theresa May has no right to be anywhere near the Houses of Parliament, let alone to be pretending she is our leader. Most Conservative MPs, including most of those who make up the government, have no right to be there. The same applies to most Labour MPs. Not only have they tried to overturn the result of a referendum, they have gone back on their most important manifesto promise, to enact Brexit.

Breaking a few minor manifesto promises is one thing. Perhaps it doesn’t matter if tax can’t be cut quite as much as was promised. Perhaps it doesn’t matter if student fees have to be raised because of budgetary concerns when you promised they wouldn’t. But when it comes to the biggest issue facing the country in a century, an issue concerning the country’s sovereignty, and you’re completely opposing the position you committed to in your manifesto, the manifesto that got you elected, and it’s clear that you’re lying and lying, then you are no longer our leader. Technically you may be, but you are there under false pretences, and you have no moral authority.

I don’t recognise Theresa May as PM. I don’t recognise the government as the government. I don’t recognise my local MP as my MP, because he was elected on a manifesto that was soon thrown in the bin. They may command the police and the army, but that is the only way in which they have authority over me. If they won’t go quietly, if they keep on pretending that they rule us, then they’ll have to be removed one way or another, as quickly as possible.

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6 thoughts on “May is not our PM. The government is illegitimate. And so is Parliament

  1. The ultimate betrayal hasn’t actually happened yet. If it does, I’m not really sure what can be done about it. We definitely need to take some kind of direct action but at the moment I can’t really think of what would actually work.

  2. Parliament rules because we give it consent through the electoral process. We gave quite clear instructions that the UK was to leave the EU.If they cannot or will not comply with those instructions then we must withdraw our consent to be governed by them. I am not advocating violence, tempting as it may seem, but a campaign of bloody mindedness and awkwardness.

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