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Second quote of the day

Bloke on the M4 in the comments at Tim Worstall’s blog:

I want a delay because every day, every vote, the Conservatives are going to lose people who will never return. 2 years would be perfect. Give Farage a nice bit of breathing space to destroy Conservative councils up and down England and Wales. Really establish a new party of Brexit and subsequently, the right.




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2 thoughts on “Second quote of the day

  1. I just want to leave the European Union.

    The bloody Copyright Directive is hurtling towards us like a stray asteroid, and the only way to avoid it is “no deal”; under May’s surrender plan we’d be obliged to “transpose” it. So thanks, but no thanks. Let’s just get the f$@& out.

  2. I have a fear that a substantial proportion of the electorate are such a bunch of mindless sheep that they will vote Labour or Conservative no matter what.

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