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Acceptable and unacceptable terrorist killings — 2 Comments

  1. Coincidentally I was at a pissup last night in a small country town in SI NZ not a million miles from CH, and said just this about the London Mayor saying that, but no-one believed me. I suppose that is the MSM for you, if it had ever been reported here it would have been a long way from the front pages. Indeed, I only know about it from the blog world.
    Another observation at this shindig was that there was no mention amongst those there of knowing someone directly involved.
    In this small population this is a bit unusual as usually disasters like say the CH earthquakes (or indeed Erebus if you go way back a bit ), brings out the someone knows someone anecdotes pretty quickly.

  2. Because Muslims are akin to children or animals, insomuch as they cannot be held to account or at least acquiesce to local customs. I don’t think so, but that’s the only logical explanation for Mr Khan’s double-standard.

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