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Will No Deal win by time-out? — 5 Comments

  1. Hector
    This is an excellent piece, even though it raises many more questions than it answers. It shows how utterly degraded our mainstream media has become, that no one has so much as mentioned these crucial questions.

  2. I have a feeling the clock will run out, the law will be clear, we will have left the EU without a ‘deal’, but somehow the powers that be will ignore the law in favour of some stitch up, because they know that the judiciary will ultimately back them against the people, because they always do in matters where the State is in mortal peril, because they know who butters their toast. Do not expect the judiciary to uphold a Brexit that has occurred by the letter of the law, they are as Remain as anyone else in power and will say black is white if they have to, and who can gainsay them, ultimately?

    • That is why we need masses of people around the country to be holding vigils on the night of Friday week, assuming the A50 time is going to time out without a delay, having a countdown, and then a massive celebration at 11pm. Make it clear that we’re now out. That will make it harder for them to try a legal manoeuvre. They’ll still try, but the judiciary will then know that there’s another important group who they have to be nervous of, namely the public.

  3. “Italy may vote against the extension”
    If any country can vote this extension out, my money is on Viktor Orban throwing a spanner in the works. Italy has its private parts in a vice due to its membership of the euro, whereas Viktor has a heaven sent opportunity to make mischief against the punishment being meted out to his country by the EU.
    Good post, Hector. Plenty of food for thought, but I do think Jim is right. Given the green light by the EU, the Remainers WILL find a way to extend A50.

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