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What is the status of the extension?

So supposedly the delay has been agreed. But we know nothing about the legal status of this, and the media has been hopeless in investigating it. Is it all signed off according to EU and international law? Has every country done all the consulting it needs to do with its Parliaments, and passed any necessary legislation? Do they need to? What exactly does Theresa May need to do to sign the extension and remain within UK law in doing so? How do all the conditions, and conditionals, affect the situation legally?

This — and I include the media in this — is a joke. Our PM, it seems, could sign us all into slavery by nodding her head and apparently it’s all legal and we can do nothing.

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One thought on “What is the status of the extension?

  1. Business as usual, then. One of the things that turned me against the EU (although it was mainly learning about its Byzantine inner workings) was the utterly useless reporting on the Maastricht Treaty. It was almost as if they all had something to hide. And it’s eminently arguable that they did.

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