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Brexit is still up to Theresa May

The Letwin amendment passed in the House last night, and this is being reported as Parliament ‘seizing control of Brexit’.

MPs have dramatically seized control of the Brexit agenda from Theresa May – potentially paving the way for a “softer” deal that keeps the UK closer to Brussels.

The Commons voted by 329 to 302 – a majority of 27 – for a cross-party amendment to enable MPs to stage a series of “indicative votes” on alternatives to the Prime Minister’s deal.

But this is false. Parliament has not voted itself to be in charge of Brexit. All it has done is gained control of the business of the House, which it intends to use by having a series of indicative votes, which are non-binding.

So Brexit at this stage is still down to May. She can still cancel the extension and go with No Deal this week, or she can confirm the extension with the EU. It’s still up to her.

And if she lets Parliament dictate events with its indicative votes, that is also up to her.

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