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  1. It occurs to me that there is a possibility that TM is trying to get the courts to declare a No Deal Brexit, thereby removing her (and the Tories) responsibility for it. I admit its a small chance, as I doubt she and her advisers are capable of organising the proverbial, but it could happen, regardless of whether she meant it or not. Friday passes without the proper legalities, a case is brought that we have left the EU, and it goes to the Supreme Court who have to determine the legal position.

    Of course one suspects in such a scenario regardless of the actual legal position they would find for the government because they know who keeps them in the manner to which they are accustomed, and its not (directly anyway) the man on the street. But they would have to think long and hard about flouting the law so openly – its hardly going to do the reputation of the UK legal system much good if its Supreme Court shows itself to be capable of ignoring the law on purely political grounds. But I suspect they would anyway – the short term gain would be irresistible, even at the cost of long term damage. Rather like the way Parliament is acting now, it can’t see that its destroying its own legitimacy in pursuit of the personal agendas of a proportion of current MPs.

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