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As far as I am concerned we leave the EU tonight

Tonight is when we leave. That’s my view. I don’t recognise any EU authority after 11pm tonight. Why? Not only because of the referendum, but because Parliament passed an Act setting this as the exit day. A cobbled-together agreement between Theresa May and the EU apparatchiks to delay our leaving has no legal authority. To delay Brexit is a momentous decision that affects all of us in the UK, and cannot just by effected by a cozy little chat between May and Barnier and his cronies. It should require an Act of Parliament at the very least, not to mention a public vote.

It also should require an actual date, not two possible dates depending on what happens, and which in all probability will be ignored because they’ll stich up another delay.

I do not recognise May’s delay. This should be a hashtag: #IDoNotRecogniseMaysDelay

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