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Quote of the Day

From Sam Duncan in the comments:

I’ve thought for about three weeks that our only hope is for the EU to refuse an extension and, effectively, kick us out. Clearly the PM doesn’t want us to leave, or she’d have let us.


I thought it would happen with a veto at last Thursday’s Council, however the Commission is now making noises to that effect. Not that it’s up to the Commission, mind you, but still. It’s something.


“She keeps saying ‘There’s a risk Brexit may be cancelled’, but the only one who can cancel it is her.”


Of course, that’s all part of the Plan: produce an unacceptable BRINO “deal”, plant the idea in the public mind that it is “Brexit”, then blame the Brexiteers for the ensuing mess.


We saw it all this week: “You could have had Brexit on Friday if you’d supported the ‘deal’”. But we couldn’t. The May-Junker treaty wasn’t Brexit. “Hardline Brexit extremists” “killed Brexit” by refusing to compromise. No they didn’t. Brexiteers killed a treaty that would have continued EU jurisdiction in this country for an indefinite period. At some point, compromise crosses the line into surrender, and that’s it right there. They did produce at least three compromise solutions that I’m aware of – some of which went further than I, personally, would be comfortable with, for what that’s worth – and every one was rejected either by Parliament, or the Speaker himself (for some reason).


The Prime Minister killed Brexit (pro-tem, at least) by asking for an extension to the negotiation period when a) there’s nothing to negotiate; the other side refuses to go back to the table, and b) she wasn’t obliged to. It’s all on her head.


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One thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. The extension is not to allow further negotiations, it is purely more time for her to twist arms or bribe the 30 MPs she needs to switch their vote. If not achieved in round 4 it will be in round 5. Our only hope is that round 4 reverts to the astonishing defeat she suffered in round 1. Then she may find the resolve and dignity to resign or take us out on WTO rules.

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