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The 157

Let’s suppose May is forced out before too long. I think if she agrees a long delay on April 12 then she can’t continue. But we’ve said that before. On the other hand, if she manages to get some sort of deal through Parliament, then she should step down in accordance with her promise. But again,we can’t rely on that.

But let’s suppose it does happen, and the Tories need a new leader. At that point the Leavers will have the advantage, if they play their cards right. According to this article, “157 Tory MPs voted for no deal”. 157 Tories is easily enough to get a Leaver to the final two, and a Leaver up against a Remainer will easily win the vote from the members. He or she can then install a dynamic Leave cabinet, and sack all the Wormtongues like Barwell and Robbins. And then if more local associations start deselecting Remainers and MPs then the Conservative party will suddenly be revived.

All the Leavers have to do is get together first and decide who it’s going to be, Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, or whoever. But they must cooperate. If they fight over it – if two of them decide to fight it out in the official leadership voting – then the Leavers will have not just shot themselves in the foot, but they’ll have lit a match in a dynamite factory, and the whole party will be blown to bits. Maybe that will be a good thing in the long term, but as far as getting a real Brexit happening we need a Conservative Party on the side of Leave. So it is imperative that the Leavers agree a Leave candidate. This is no time for egos. (But first, of course, May will have to be dragged out of No. 10 kicking and screaming.)

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One thought on “The 157

  1. Don’t they have staircases in No.10 ?

    Or are the stairwells strung with netting, like high-security jails, to prevent (or at least make less fatal) debannisterification*?

    Can someone not invite her on a day’s clay pigeon shooting? Speedboat on the Thames? Mushroom tasting? Walk in the Woods with the Clintons? Anything!

    (*No offence intended, Henry!)

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