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Theresa May has switched parties

That is, in effect, what she has done (as I predicted she would a while ago). She has crossed the floor to become a de facto member of the Labour Party so that she can can get a Labourised version of her deal through.

And there’s nothing much the Conservatives can do about it (at least there’s no much that they will do about it, being a party of cucks, who are anyway led by people who are on her side). They can’t get rid of her via an internal party No Confidence vote, because they foolishly blew that yearly chance in December. Yes, their constitution allows no way to get rid of a leader who plots with their opposition. That was well thought through, wasn’t it?

And they can’t bring her down with resignations, and quiet words, or member revolts, because she’s just going to ignore anything like that. Until she is formally and legally forced out of power, she won’t go anywhere. A quiet word in her ear is no more likely to bring about her stepping down that it would with Henry VIII. And she’s surrounded by Remainer civil servants and advisors who won’t let her. They are fanatics committed to stopping Brexit, and nothing will deter them from pushing her out again and again to mouth the same thing over and over for infinity. It’s the infinity wars.

And in infinity, you have time to try everything until something works. This time she’s trying getting into bed with Labour. If that doesn’t work, she’ll delay again, and try something else. Or bring back the zombie WA. Or something else again. That’s the way British life is going to be now. All she has to do is keep trying until the Brexiteers finally slip up. They only have to slip up once, and she wins.

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