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Burn the mast, burn the deck, burn the wheel, burn everything

It’s being put about that the real point of bringing Corbyn in is that it’s a trap for him, to expose the Labour Party’s hypocrisy and deliberate vagueness on Brexit. This is BS. It may go badly for Corbyn, that is true, although most likely he’ll just bluff it out saying that nothing satisfactory to Labour could be agreed. But the idea that the real reason the Conservative hierarchy is doing this to damage Labour is absurd. It’s in fact incredibly damaging for the Conservatives, with the members in uproar and quitting in droves, while it makes Labour look more electable. The fear of Corbyn and his pack of Communists was the only thing keeping the Tories afloat, so a more disastrous policy for the Conservatives than working with Corbyn and giving him power cannot be imagined.

What it’s really all about, as I keep saying, the WA. That’s what everything May does now is about. That’s all that matters to her and her team. Everything will be sacrificed for that. She’ll burn everything on the ship of state to keep stoking the fires for her WA. Eventually she’ll start burning the hull.

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