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The Conservative members cutting up their cards have picked the wrong time to do it

Yes, really. This may seem a strange thing for me to say, after I’ve been saying for years that the Conservative Party needs to be destroyed, and all the members should quit and join another party. And after I’ve been saying that May is currently destroying the party. But all these people currently posting pictures of their cut-up cards on Twitter have their timing all wrong (see also this Tory member in the Telegraph).

The time to quit the Conservatives was years ago, well before Brexit, when it became obvious that they had become highly PC, and basically a version of New Labour. But if you’ve hung on this long, through all the many betrayals over the years, you might as well stay a few more weeks or months. Why? Because the left have overplayed their hand, and the party is about to split in two, and the right have the best chance they have had in decades to get back control of the party and purge all the disguised LibDems.

Should May finally be deposed, there are more than enough Leaver MPs to get a Leaver on the leadership ballot, and the membership is far more right-wing than the MPs, and will definitely vote for the Leaver as leader. That leader can then dump all the Remainers in Cabinet, dump all the Remainer civil servants in May’s team, dump all the Remainer advisors, let the local associations purge all the leftists, watch other leftists walk out of the party to join the CUKs, and then go full-on Leave, and generally restore some real Conservative values.

If you’ve been staying on in the party in the desperate hope that maybe one day the party will set course to the right again, this is the best, and only, chance of that happening. But it can only happen if all the right-wingers stay around to vote for a Leaver leader and to put pressure on the Remainers, for example by taking part in deselection processes. If you all quit the party now, then the Remainers will win because you left, just as you were on the cusp of takeover. And there’s no going back if that happens. That really will be the end of the party. That’s the time to quit. Not now.

Leaving now is like spending years hiding out in the hope that you’ll get a chance to kill the terrible tyrannical King, and then just as he’s about to walk near to your hiding spot, you run away. If you’ve wasted all those years staying in the Tories, at least make it worth something. At least stay for the final battle. Quitting now just makes it look like you were too dumb to understand what had been happening to the party for years.

You may reply that you’re quitting now because you have finally accepted that there’s no hope for the party, and it’s finished. Maybe so, but it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy if you leave now. (And it’s seemed a wrong ‘un to everyone else for a long time now — how come you didn’t see this?)

And as for joining the new Brexit party, it doesn’t really exist yet. People are saying ‘I’ve joined the Brexit Party’, but all they’ve actually done is registered to be a supporter, for a party that has a long way to go to even get started.

I’m almost tempted to join the Conservatives myself just to get a vote, but the three-month waiting time probably makes that pointless. Although I said yesterday that’s she impossible to kill, I’m not sure now that she really can survive for very long: if she gets a long extension agreed with the EU next week that will surely be all over Red Rover for her. But if we leave with No Deal on Friday week, that’s also it for her. The only way she can survive a bit longer is by eking out another short delay.

Then again, the party has proved completely hopeless at removing her. But if all the right-wingers leave, that’s going to become even more difficult.

Update: Similar thoughts tonight from Fraser Nelson.

Update 2: More similar thoughts in this Telegraph article.

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