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The point of bring Corbyn in, and the delays is… still the WA

A lot of people have misunderstood what May is doing. The end game is still getting her WA (or a modified version) through. That’s always been her game. Bringing in Corbyn for talks is really about scaring her recalcitrant MPs into finally voting for the WA. ‘Vote for the WA, or you’ll get a worse version that Jeremy and the Labour Party will write and vote through’.

A lot of her critics are saying ‘Bringing in Corbyn won’t work, he’s got nothing to gain by agreeing anything with her, he’ll let the Tories own their plan and they can own the fallout while they continue to fall apart’. This is most likely true, but it’s not the real plan. May knows full well that Corbyn is unlikely to agree anything with her. If he does, she’ll take it, but the real plan is to scare her own MPs. I’m not saying that will work, but that’s her plan. Do anything to get her WA through. If she doesn’t get an agreement with Corbyn this week, she’ll try again later. ‘Either you agree our WA, or we’ll eventually have a Corbyn-written deal passed’ is the message.

The point of the extensions for her is also the WA. For a lot of Remainers, a long delay is great because it brings a second (rigged) referendum back into play. But that’s not her aim. Her aim is still the WA. That’s why she is going to make the ‘guillotine’ a part of the delay. This means that the delay can be immediately stopped once her WA is through. So she’s saying to her MPs again, this will drag on and on, and I will keep delaying and delaying for eternity, until you bring it to an immediate halt by agreeing my WA.

So there is no point thinking she’s finally going to see sense and agree No Deal. The majority of her Cabinet wanted her to go for No Deal, and she refused. The WA is all she will countenance. So to get a real Brexit, she has to be brought down. Now, before she agrees a long delay.

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