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Great new pricing on The Biscuit Factory

I’ve dropped the prices on my novel The Biscuit Factory Vol I: Days of Wine and Cheese. In the UK the Kindle version is only £1.99, which is nothing at all, really, while the print version is £8.05, which includes free postage in the UK, so it’s not a bad price all told.

(The paperback costs a little more than most other books because it’s almost 400 pages, and print-on-demand costs are determined by the page length, but that means you’re getting better value for money than with the slim volume someone knocked up over two weeks: my book is the result of a year’s hard – but inspired – graft.)

Prices will also be reduced in other countries, although I don’t know what the delivery situation is like there. But the US paperback price, for instance, is only $11.50, which seems a pretty normal price.

So do yourself a favour and get some good reading in for the Easter break now!

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2 thoughts on “Great new pricing on The Biscuit Factory

  1. Not yet. I have had putting it onto Smashwords on my To Do list for a long time, but have never found the time to sort it (there’s quite a bit of faff work involved). I should do that, and look into Kobo.

    I can send you a copy in Mobi or epub format if that’s any use? That should allow you to read it on quite a few e-readers. (No charge for that.)

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