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You think the Establishment is only ruthless with Brexit?

You don’t think it’s just Brexit that the Establishment is ruthless about, do you? You surely wouldn’t be tempted to believe that while the government has demonstrated that, as far as Brexit goes, it is prepared to trample all over the voters, grind their faces into the dirt, sell out party and country, and tell massive lies each and every day of the year, but with everything else it’s in charge of it’s totally trustworthy and definitely doing the right thing and behaving with impeccable morals?

You can’t even be entertaining the notion, I trust, that the government (and the civil service) is a Jekyll and Hyde character, and Mr Hyde only comes out when the government has been drinking Brexit juice, but the rest of the time it is fine, upstanding Dr Jekyll, always out helping orphans and doing good deeds and never letting a false word pass its lips?

No, those would be stupid things to believe, wouldn’t they? You don’t meet many conmen who lie and deceive you and run off with your money, but who then come back to help you fix your leaking roof, do you? So why believe that the Establishment can be trusted on everything other than Brexit?

No, the sad fact is that the Establishment – including the government, the civil service and most of the media – is not your friend. You’re just an irritant to it, best brought under control as soon as possible. Which is why we should be worried about this:

Today Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright has put out a government White Paper on ‘Online Harms’ which includes proposals for a regulator which will have the power to ban the websites of non-compliant companies from being accessed in the UK at all.

Anyone who thinks that, on the one hand, the government has been revealed by Brexit to be a power-crazed, semi-criminal cabal working for a foreign power and actively conspiring against its people, but, on the other hand, it’s totally a good idea to give this same government (or an even worse, Marxist, government) enormous power over the internet to do what it thinks it best for us, has rocks in their head. Big, thick, dense rocks that come from the Moon.

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