Brussels Masterpiece Theatre

I think all these extension meetings are mainly theatre. The officials get together beforehand and agree on what is to happen. It’s like radio comedy quiz shows, there’s not an actual written-down script, but most of it is roughly worked-out in advance.

Things can still go off-piste, and it seems like that did happen with Macron threatening to upset the agreement last night. But that’s all theatre too. In the end, no matter how much he would have liked to turf the UK out, he had to play ball like he was supposed to.

But anyway, the delay is of course really all the fault of Jacob Rees-Mogg/Steve Baker/Boris Johnson/Mark Francois (circle the current bogeyman).

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One thought on “Brussels Masterpiece Theatre

  1. It was a Council meeting. Of course it was theatre. They always have been.

    Meanwhile, we’re stuck in the damned thing for another six months, and the Treaty of Surrender Withdrawal Agreement is explicitly not open for renegotiation. This is clearly simply an attempt to strongarm Parliament into accepting it in order to avoid the totally unnecessary expense and hassle of holding EP elections next month. And if it doesn’t, they’ll blame the Brexiteers again.

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