The restaurant at the end of society

Here’s the idiot millenial view of communism in a nutshell:

Except that it turns out that the restaurant has no food. And everyone gets locked in, then rival packs form and fight for dominance, and before too long some people have been killed or enslaved by the others, and some are being eaten. That’s what Communism as a nice restaurant really is.

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3 thoughts on “The restaurant at the end of society

  1. The situation that he describes already exists, up to a point, in any country that has a thriving free market economy. It has never existed in any communist society that I am aware of. I suppose it possibly did during the brief period between the communists taking over and the economy going down the pan.

  2. What you describe isn’t communism. All those restaurants that said they were communist weren’t doing it right. Come to my communist restaurant where we do real communism. 😉

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