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Andrew Mitchell keeps the failing narrative going

Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell writes a piece in the Telegraph which reveals why his party are a bunch of devious scumbags who must be removed from power. The tactic is the usual one (Hague also does it): pretend to agree that it’s terrible that Brexit was delayed and to stress that the Tory Party’s future is at risk if it isn’t delivered, so as get the Leave-voting readers nodding their heads, and then slip in, as though it’s the obvious thing, that to avoid this we have to pass May’s Withdrawal Agreement:

This agony will continue unless and until we pass the Withdrawal Agreement – the necessary step to ensuring we leave the EU.

But say nothing at all about whether the WA really is Brexit. Quickly move on to other matters. Shake your head sadly and say that, yes, Theresa May, hasn’t done a perfect job, but she’s done her best:

Meanwhile, the knives are sharpened for a Prime Minister who, whatever her faults (and I did not support her leadership bid as I believed we needed someone who had voted to leave) has bravely and with stubborn persistence fought against the odds and in impossible circumstances to do her duty.

When are the Tories going to realise that no-one is buying this pretence that Theresa May is just a dutiful public servant in a difficult situation who is plugging away as best she can? A few strategic pieces like this in the Telegraph don’t cut it any more.

And he really thinks this will work:

What will the image of another tearful but brave female Prime Minister being forced out of Downing Street pursued by a band of grey-haired, grey-suited Tory men do to our party?

I can tell you what that image will do to your party. It will revitalize it, and give it another lease of life. Your party members, your voters, your ex-voters, and most of the country will be cheering in the streets at the news.

It gets even more ridiculous:

I am also so sad to have been in party meetings, where, at the most senior level the Speaker has been denounced as “biased” and colleagues have been exhorted to undermine him. What has happened to the old-fashioned British respect for the referee?

Not even the British have respect for a referee who is so clearly biased to one side, and who applies the rules when and how it suits him. If Mitchell thinks we’re going to be taken in by this then he’d better get ready (once again) for a life outside politics.

Another little tactic he uses to get the right-wingers onside right from the start was to begin by talking about Thatcher and sympathize with her demise, even though that has little to do with the current issue.

I was PPS to Margaret Thatcher’s closest friend and ally John Wakeham when our party ejected her from office. I learned then that when a party focuses on itself and not on the country, it loses both respect and trust.

This is nothing but a rhetorical trick. It’s like when Labour centrists are talking to the hard left and they start off by invoking some sainted historical leftist to get the audience onside to start with.

I think Mitchell had better get ready to join the plebs.

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2 thoughts on “Andrew Mitchell keeps the failing narrative going

  1. Thats the equivalent of the ‘But I can change!’ speech that every dumped person either makes or considers making. The Tory party/Tory voter relationship is dead. Once one side has decided its over, its over, regardless of what the other says or does, or claims to understand and want to do to improve things.

    Its rather like Brexit – regardless of what happens between now and November, or indeed beyond that given the example of the last few months, what has been said and done between the UK and the EU cannot be unsaid or undone, and the relationship will never return to what went before. The mere fact of saying ‘I want out’ or ‘This relationship is over’ means things will never be the same again. The Tories are going to learn this pretty soon.

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