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  1. My mum, 79, lifelong Conservative voter has said that she won’t vote for them again. I have been voting UKIP or for independents for quite a few years now. I held my nose and voted Conservative at the last GE but only because I naively believed their promise to deliver Brexit and was desperate to keep Corbyn out. I can’t see me ever voting for them again unless there is a complete root and branch reform of the entire party.

  2. First Past the Post is what cock’s things up in Britain. PR allows the experience that each vote counts.

    In it’s purest form, seen in Italy with a very low threshold, it results in a myriad of parties and a government that’s frequently paralysed, so not that great.

    The EU system – adopted by Scotland – ain’t perfect, however it does keep out the total loony elements and has over the years allowed us to experiment with the BNP as well as UKIP.

    The former proved incapable, while UKIP went from strength to dominance at the last election – and bequeathed us Brexit.

    At the end of next month I fully expect the Brexit and UKIP to take most of our allocation of MEPs, with the legacy parties as trailing also ran’s.

    (I also expect this to be reflected widely across the EU, with that hilarious result in the Ukraine acting to stimulate the timid, the fearful and the clothes peg users to give the pig in a poke a break).

  3. I think what may have changed this time is that people have been actively screwed over by the Tory party, in full view of everyone. We’ve seen who has voted how, we’ve seen who has been agitating to stiff the voters, there’s absolutely no way anyone who wants a proper Brexit can conclude anything other than the Tory party have p*ssed all over them.

    So the attitude changes from ‘Well I’m not happy about X, but Y is far worse, so I’ll vote for X’ to ‘X has just screwed me over so hard that I doubt Y could do any worse, so I just want nothing to do with X ever again’. There comes a point in a toxic relationship where ANYTHING is better than staying. Thats where Tory voters are now.

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