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The new Brexit court case — 9 Comments

  1. The mainstream media is effectively denying it coverage. If hardly anyone knows about it then there’ll be no outcry when it is kicked in the teeth and beaten to a pulp in a dark alley.

    Did you know that the new Daily Express editor is a pro-immigration Remainer, installed by the new regime? He hasn’t been able to change things as much as he’d like due to fear of losing all the readers, but he’s toned things down a lot. (The online version of the Express has a different editor who is not as bad as the print editor.)

  2. It is money not miracles & media coverage that is are needed for this case to be heard. If the Miller judgment is sound, and it was a supreme court appeal ruling where the government lost, then Tilbrook has a case. Miller won because she had money, if Robin’s case gets to court and is heard/taken seriously I think the Bexiteers will find all the money needed to exhaust all legal avenues.

  3. If, British politicians still believed in democracy, we would have left the EU on 29th March. British journalist and Media have failed us by choosing personal bias over news. Our politicians have failed to deliver on their promises to leave EU. It should not surprise anyone that the courts are also preparing to fail to deliver justice as well. Has this country really sunk so low that Justice is not only blind, but deaf, and dumb as well? Britain’s are crying out for politicians to do their job, as they promised. We need someone with superior courage to step forward, and say enough talk, this country needs action, not more words.

    Remain-ite politicians who do not respect the results of the Brexit referendum should leave politics. Only Dictators and Tyrants arrogantly dismiss the result of a legal and democratic vote. As a Leave voter, I don’t need another referendum, asking “Is this what you voted for”? I wasn’t lied to, or misguided by the Leave campaign, I made up my own mind. And it didn’t take me three years, or endless delays.

    I would also like to point out that the EU should share in the blame for the current crisis. British politicians always have to negotiate and add amendments to bills; especially when they go to Brussels. The EU Withdrawal agreement was always going to fail; when the EU said they will not Negotiate on WAB, it stopped Brexit in its tracks. Such momentous, life changing Bills (example WAB) should never contain the words “no negotiation”, it is a political cul-de-sac.

    If the courts fail us, who can we turn to? Remain is not the answer, it will only add to the problem. Other EU members are asking should we also have an Exit referendum. We could be witnessing the final days of the European Union.

  4. I find it utterly disgusting that all these so called polations can do what they want when they want delay or stop what the public voted for what was it all of them said this a once in a life time vote no one will interfere in that 3 and and bit years going on nearly four I find this disgusting and all the time drawing a wage and expences

  5. Why doesn’t the PM withdraw the defense to the action, surely the courts must then rule that former PM’s actions were not legal and UK is out on 29/3/19

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