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Once again Jim in the comments saves me some time by expressing my own thoughts well:

UKIP’s day will come, strangely enough Brexit is not its real issue now. The Brexit party is what is required to get Brexit, it’s a one issue party, it won’t survive that campaign regardless of whether we leave or not. The people involved are too disparate in their political views to be able to form a coherent manifesto that they could all sign up to in a post-Brexit world, and that would appeal to people currently disenfranchised by the major parties. And rightly so – the people who voted for Brexit were from all parts of the political spectrum so a Brexit party needs to represent them all.


UKippers need to vote for the Brexit Party for now, safe in the knowledge that it won’t last, and that the issues they are espousing, especially the Islamic ones, are not going away any time soon. They will be abused and attacked and besmirched constantly but events dear boy events will eventually mean we need a party who will stand up to the Islamists. Rather in a ‘Churchill crying in the wilderness at the Nazi threat’ style, UKIP need to keep the faith through the hard times, they will be needed. Indeed I suspect when they are needed people will be flocking to them as saviours, rather than calling them names.


But we are not at that time now, and Farage has rightly called it that to get Brexit he can’t get involved in another fight as well.

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