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The Brexit ballot box fightback starts here — 7 Comments

  1. Well said time to give the Tory party an indecent burial and move on. I’m sick of watching left wing pricks dance their vile dance in it’s bloated corpse.

  2. I spoilt my ballot paper, as the only choices were Conservative (left wing, anti Brexit), Labour (left wing, anti Brexit and Lib Dem (left wing, anti Brexit).

    There will be reckoning.

  3. Had an independent and a Yorkshire Party candidate on our ballot paper, all the rest were LibLabCon. Voted for both of them, hesitated over YP as I didn’t know anything about them, just wanted to be as anti mainstream as possible. The Conservative members all got back in.

    I find it slightly bizarre that the Libdems have come out of it so well, don’t people actually know that they are even more anti Brexit than the other two?

    • I’m still waiting to see if the LibDem vote actually went up or if they just benefitted in relative terms from the Tory/Labour collapse and low turnout. The media don’t seem to be terribly interested in telling us.

      • This is what I suspect. Their vote held up, plus maybe got a few Labour voters unhappy at Corbyn’s refusal to actively oppose Brexit to switch, and the Tory vote fell through the floor, hence the LDs taking councils off the Tories.

        • Yes, and actually, looking at the raw numbers (that is, without the context of the previous local elections) it’s basically a pretty solid Tory win. Not a landslide by any means – at a 28% vote share they were neck-and-neck with Labour – but 3,562 seats is still over 1,000 more than Labour and almost three times what the LibDems won. And they still hold almost 100 of the councils that were contested, compared to the Libs’ 18.

          Of course, in context it was a deservedly awful night for them, and a good one for Vince’s mob, but these things are relative. People are talking as if – no, they’re actually saying – the LibDems won. They absolutely didn’t. Not even close.

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