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Did the LibDems win the locals? — 3 Comments

  1. It appears to me that all of the main three parties have a core of voters who will vote for them whatever they do. In my area, all three Conservative candidates were returned to office. To be fair, I think that our local council does a reasonable job, so it could be that many people didn’t think that their local councillors should be penalised for the antics of the clowns in Westminster. I just couldn’t bring myself to put a cross against their logo.

  2. Here’s some analysis which pretty much confirms what you’re suggesting:


    Taking one of the LD council wins, Chelmsford, the LD vote marginally increased across the area from 2015, but the Tory vote collapsed by nearly 60%, thus allowing LD candidates to win, even when the LD vote in that ward had fallen since 2015. Even so, in Chelmsford taken as a whole, more people voted Tory than LD – 40k Tory vs 39k LD. Yet this is portrayed in the media as a ‘LD surge’

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