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“I’m warning you”, for the hundredth time

They’re so decisive:

Theresa May has been warned her MPs will begin moves to oust her as soon as this week if she agrees a Brexit deal with Labour ….


Senior sources within the Conservative Party said on Monday that Mrs May will be “gone very quickly” if she moves towards Labour’s demands for a post-Brexit customs union with the EU.

But she’s already negotiating with Labour in order to agree a plan, so why not oust her NOW? This is like watching a burglar breaking into your house, and telling them “I’m warning you, if you take too much of my stuff then I’ll do something”.

Nigel Evans, joint executive secretary of the 1922 Committee, said: “If she comes out of those talks offering something which is Brexit in name only then she has got a real problem.”

May’s WA is already fake Brexit, so obviously a plan further watered down by Labour is going to be even faker Brexit. So why are you waiting, you hopeless cowards?


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2 thoughts on ““I’m warning you”, for the hundredth time

  1. Could it be that Brino is exactly what most of them actually want? They just can’t admit it to their constituents.

  2. They are terrified of actually being held accountable. Conservative and Labour MPs, Civil Servants have all become used to just implementing their orders and blaming their mistakes on the EU. Outside the EU there will be no one to blame but themselves.

    So it’s the right thing to do to leave (properly), because the EU is such a massive clusterfuck. But the real work will come afterwards when the UK needs to implement a governance structure appropriate for the 2020s and beyond.

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