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The modern primary school

I visited a primary school today. Do you want to know if it lived up to the stereotype of a modern school or not? Well, the first thing I saw when I came in was climate change messages everywhere.

Then I saw a noticeboard titled ‘STEM’, with a lot of papers pinned up on it. I went over to look at what had been pinned there. Was there anything actually about any STEM content? No. Every single piece of paper up there, all of which had been done by the pupils, was about getting more females into STEM. From the imploring tone of these posters you’d think this is one of the major issues facing the world at the moment.

And the teacher constantly talked about accreditation. We’re hoping to get accreditation for this. We’re hoping to get accreditation for that. For things like… their vegetable patch, and their gardening club. Apparently these are the sorts of things you can get government accreditation for these days (and no doubt money). I’m guessing there’ll be a government inspector along to check that the garden promotes climate change awareness to a sufficient degree, and the gardening club somehow promotes more females in STEM.

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