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The lie that Leavers have refused to compromise

We’re constantly told that Leavers, and Leave MPs, won’t compromise, and that it’s Remainers who are the compromisers trying to bring the country together to do justice to both the 52% and the 48%. This is just an obvious flat-out lie that the media constantly refuses to call out.

Many Leave MPs, probably the majority, said that they would vote for Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement as long as she got the backstop removed. They even passed a Parliamentary motion saying they would do that. This was despite the WA being full of appalling sellouts that these Leavers were totally against. In the spirit of compromise they said they would vote for the WA, despite them regarding it as a disaster for the country, as long as the very worst thing about it, the backstop, was removed. Some of them eventually voted for it anyway, even though the backstop hadn’t been removed. That’s what I call extreme compromising. Yet the only message you hear about Leavers is ‘Hardliners, they won’t compromise an inch’.

Theresa May and the her Remain government, however, refused to change a single thing about the WA. Not a word. The best they could do was get a vague codocil added, which affected nothing, and had dubious legal status. They barely even bothered to ask the EU to change anything. They said it couldn’t be changed now, and it just had to passed, as it is, and if you don’t pass it now we’ll keep bringing the exact same thing back to Parliament until you do pass it.

How on Earth does this count as compromising? How is it that the Leavers are regarded as the ‘hardliners’ when they’ve bent over backwards to try to work out a deal with May, yet May’s team threw them absolutely nothing at all, and said if you don’t vote for this then you get nothing? That’s takes being a hardliner to near-psychotic levels. But squishy Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg and all the other Leavers are the ones who have failed to compromise, according to the press. And then journalists wonder why Leavers don’t trust them any more.

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2 thoughts on “The lie that Leavers have refused to compromise

  1. “They barely even bothered to ask the EU to change anything.”

    Because the EU has said, flat-out, that it won’t. There will be no negotiation during the extended negotiation period. It’s the WA, take it or leave it. Some compromise.

    And let’s not forget its refusal to listen to any of Cameron’s requests before the referendum, which probably did more to ensure a “Leave” vote than anything else.

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