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The grey limbo creatures just made everything in their world even greyer

Forget the headlines about the men in the grey suits finally coming for Theresa May. She’s fudged the whole thing, with their connivance, because they’re all terrified of doing anything definite.

Just ask yourself this question. Have the 1922 committee changed the party rules to allow a leadership challenge? Answer: No. Then ask yourself this question: Are they now intending to change the rules to allow a leadership challenge? Answer: No, they’re no longer going to do that. Also this question: Has Theresa May given any firm date to stand down on? Answer: No. Has she made the whole thing so vague that she could string it out until the end of the year if she wanted to? Answer: yes.

So there you go. The ‘ruthless’ men in grey suits patched up a fudge to keep the whole ghastly mess on the road for a further indefinite period, during which time the Tories will sink for good.

Sink, because it’s clear that nobody cares any more. It’s like listening to your annoying neighbours’ conversations when you’re about to move house. You hear the noises, but you don’t really care what they’re saying now because you know none of it matters to you any more. Everyone has moved on from the Tories. Getting Tory news now is like hearing a bit of gossip about an old partner, the tedious one you got stuck with for ages and it was such a relief that you finally were able to leave that you immediately put them out of your mind, and now when you hear what they’re doing it only raises the slightest flicker of interest in your mind.

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One thought on “The grey limbo creatures just made everything in their world even greyer

  1. It isn’t just the Tories though is it? The whole shower of our elected representatives have been exposed as being completely and utterly useless. Not a single one of them has the faintest clue how to do their job. Worthless chancers the lot of them.

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