6 thoughts on “New PM, same betrayal

  1. The only way forward is the WTO/No Deal Brexit. The catastrophic surrender treaty must be scrapped. Oh and no remainers should be included in the cabinet.

  2. Does anyone else think that May’s defenestration the day after the Euro elections (but before the results are public knowledge) is the result of the Tory grey suits having inside info as to exactly how much they have been trounced by the Brexit Party? Surely if they didn’t know they’d have waited til it came out, then used it as a lever to get her to leave? But if their private figures show that (say) the Tories are sub 10% and the BP is north of 35%, maybe even pushing 40% then they would need to get her out asap, before the public get to know, and the media will then be dominated by the leadership contest over the next few days and weeks, rather than the Tory utter devastation at the polls.

    My guess is that the private polling numbers became available late on Thursday, and she was given the revolver and bottle of whisky and told to do the necessary, hence the sudden resignation yesterday.

  3. Someone was reporting that Dudd and Spreadsheet are lining up behind
    BoJo. I hope he has the good sense to tell them to find a rolling doughnut, after harvesting their votes.

  4. Who knows, Jim. The Tories seem a complete shambles in every way now. But this was all obvious weeks, nay, months ago, so why didn’t they act earlier? Because they’re a shambles. There are no men in grey suits any more. (Well, there may be men in grey suits for Brexiteers and right-wingers who slip up, but there are none for centrist Torty PMs.)

  5. We can but hope. Because if they become part of his campaign then we’re stuffed, as they will pervert it.

    In fact, he should tell them to fuck off now. Straight down the line, fuck off and join another party, I’m Mr Brexit, I don’t want you breathing the same air as me. Get out of my office, don’t touch my carpet with your dirty shoes, resign your seats or I’ll do everything I can to drum you out of office and then have you torn apart in the Commons car park with high-powered sports cars.

    But that’s me. Boris is more likely to roll over to have his tummy tickled.

  6. Voting Farage has brought the Tory pack to heel. Seems like that approach will continue to work.

    Farage needs to wreck the Tory Leadership campaign by highlighting the wholesale fail the establishment engaged in over BREXIT and how that will repeat regardless of who is in the Tory Leadership chair. I’d prefer a remainer to keep the public angry……

    It’s the electorate who’s tummy will be rubbed.

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