Research that shows that conservatives don’t feel safe on US campuses

A guy called Jerry Zheng has done some actual research on what conservatives face on the modern US college campus. He interviewed 1500 students across 207 different US schools, and his results are here.

He found, amongst other things, that 55% of college conservatives don’t feel comfortable sharing their political views on campus, and a third of conservatives don’t even feel safe on campus:

The incident at UC Berkeley [an assault on a Conservative] isn’t unheard of. News of conservatives on college campuses getting attacked for their political views make the airwaves frequently enough to make conservatives think twice about exercising their freedom of speech.


When Allison Stanger, a professor at Middlebury College, was physically assaulted to the point where she had to wear a neck brace after her live discussion event, it warned conservatives that they are not safe.


It’s no surprise, then, that more than 1/3 of conservatives don’t feel safe on campus.


When sharing conservative views on campus can get you doxxed, stalked or even have death threats issued against you. It takes Herculean courage to be transparent about it on college campuses.


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