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From the department of ‘How dumb?’ — 6 Comments

  1. £560 a month? WTF??

    I’m not sure what I find more concerning, the fact she spent that much or she was in the position to so do and thought it worthwhile.

    Mind boggling.

  2. “How exactly did she think this would work? They’d put a picture of her at the back of a men’s magazine, saying ‘This lonely heart needs a man’?”

    I think this is actually done, in a suitably anonymous and discrete way. There are a few personal ads in the Spectator magazine, both for agencies, and very occasionally by matchmakers looking for a match for a specific female client (its always women seeking men). And I’m sure that the wonderfully named Heather Heber-Percy who has run a matchmaking agency for decades has advertised for matches for her female clients in the magazine that the Country Landowners Association provide to all their members (I’m a CLA member for my farm so get the mag). You can guess what type she and her clients are fishing for!

  3. All this feminism stuff is starting to yield results and it isn’t good. They push for good jobs, they get them then they discover that they want a good husband and home life. They then find all the good guys are gone, only the poor catches, and they have money to burn to try and fix it but it’s way too late. Who wants a bossy older woman when you can get younger models for your money. So they may be able to get younger men, but only if they are rich as well. Just like the men. Isn’t equality great.

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