All the times police aren’t so keen to spend all night investigating a crime with a fine-tooth comb

In comments yesterday I made this point in response to a defence of the huge amount of time police close roads for in order to investigate road traffic accidents:



Another thing to add is that police claims about having to investigate accidents to the nth degree infuriates people when police clearly couldn’t give a stuff about investigating a whole range of crimes – definite crimes, not possible crimes like road accidents – that greatly affect people.

Burglaries: Yawn, here’s a number.

Violent neighbours: Nothing we can do mate.

Eco protesters holding up traffic: We’ll join in.

Muslims acting in a threatening matter: Say that again and I’ll arrest you.

The local thug will beat me up if I give evidence against him: We’ll give him a talking to if he does.

My car was stolen: That’s a shame, hope you get it back.

My laptop was stolen, and look, here’s a picture of guy who stole it, he’s taking pictures with it and they’re uploading to the cloud, can you find him: No, and don’t go taking the law into your own hands.

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