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From Jim in the comments (regarding the inordinate time taken these days to reopen roads after road accidents, and the excuse that this is partly because so many agencies are involved):

What you seem to have described is a lot of middle class people making work for each other, at the expense of the taxpayer, while actually achieving very little of positive good for society at large in return. All that work might result in what, the occasional prosecution? Who will then be given a slap on the wrists, and/or a whole lot more middle class work be created for probation and social workers. Who actually benefits from all this police and other agency ‘work’? Society as a whole, or the workers within the system?


Would society be better off if whenever there was an accident on the roads all the detritus were pushed to one side, the road reopened and everyone got on with their lives?

Common sense, or too strong? Thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. It makes sense they should gather info. That info can be gathered fairly quickly while they wait for the tow trucks then they move it so we can get on. No need to shut the road for anything beyond the time taken to get the injured out and the tow trucks to remove the ones that can’t move.

    Now if it is a murder scene then OK. Maybe someone machine gunning someone else or something then that is different but most are fender benders.

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