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When do the Cornish ask for slavery reparations from Africa? — 3 Comments

  1. We can’t expect guilt, introspection, self analysis, morality or anything else. After all, that would be “cultural appropriation”.

    Every example of bitching about slavery or anything else should be met with facts like this. Robustly and directly. Never concede so much as a nanometer to these people.

    Indeed, get indignant in return and point out to them their ancestors role in slavery and then ask that they prove that they were descended from slaves rather than slave takers.

    A battle fought on ground of your enemies choosing is a battle lost so stop doing it!

    I have, on a number of occasions deployed facts against these people. Initially it’s as if an inmate at Auschwitz spat in a guards face. Then when they realise that they are not actually in charge, it’s a delight to behold.

  2. There was, of course, a religious aspect to capturing of European slaves by the Barbary Pirates, which Historic UK delicately skirts around but was absolutely central to the whole exercise. I’ll leave you to figure out what it was.

  3. boats out of Looe, Penzance, Mousehole and other Cornish ports were boarded, their crews taken captive

    Should’ve just claimed to be orphans, often.

    Thought everybody knew that game.

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