No, I will not just ignore what Jo Brand said

There are  lot of libertarians on the internet at the moment saying ‘We have to have free speech, so leave Jo Brand alone, just as we should leave Danny Baker and Count Dankula alone. Stop being a right-wing snowflake, butt out, and let people say what they want’. (See, for example, most of Spiked’s tweets in the last few days)

To which I say: how’s that workin’ out for ya? Baker was sacked by the BBC. Dankula was convicted by a court. Brand, on the other hand, was defended by the BBC. So forgive me for noting that that this sort of response practically hands victory to the left. Right-wingers will be sacked and hounded out of polite society, whereas left-wingers can say whatever they want. (As I’ve said before, double standards may be the only weapon the left needs.)

It’s all very well saying, ‘But Baker shouldn’t have been sacked’. Of course he shouldn’t have been, but he was. And more like him will be sacked as the left continues to have a free hand, unopposed by the right. The left will use its advantage ruthlessly here. So saying nothing about Brand’s comments is about the worst thing you can do. We have to speak up.

Of course it’s too simplistic just to say she should be sacked without any qualification. We have to go Kurt Schlichter: “These are the new rules. You made them. You force us to live by them. Now you have to do the same. Don’t like the new rules? Well, either we bring back the old rules, and everyone gets to keep their jobs, or we apply the new rules to you as well. See? Those old rules aren’t looking so so bad now, are they?” The pressure must be kept up, otherwise we’ll be slaughtered.

Also, it’s not just about Jo Brand. It’s about the BBC, and the fact that we are continually forced to pay money to them to be insulted and unrepresented. I’ve had enough, and I’m not just going to stand back and say “No worries, it’s all just free speech, let her say what she wants”.

Update: The other thing that’s grating is that for years so many of us have been polite about Jo Brand. Oh yes, she’s wonderful, we’ve said, so funny, pretending that she’s a marvellous talent and a great representative of modern women, just so we don’t seem like an old-fashioned sexist dinosaur, when all along it’s been obvious to us that she’s an unfunny, bitter and rancid old political hack. No more of that. She’s shit, and she’s always been shit, and let us never pretend again.

She’s basically just a pub gossip, with the occasional mildly amusing crack about someone or something, but that’s about the extent of it. She’s the union rep that somehow never has to do any work, and is always in the pub smoking a fag and stirring up trouble in the firm that pays her bills.

And can you imagine if someone vaguely right-wing had said something similar about a favourite of the luvvies, like Jess Philips, or Chuku Ummunna? That person would probably be in jail now. They’d never be able to appear in public again. They probably would be attacked with acid.

Update 2: It also turns out that Brand is a rank hypocrite and political operator. She played a major part in Carol Thatcher’s sacking from The One Show. Another leftist who plays for keeps.


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6 thoughts on “No, I will not just ignore what Jo Brand said

  1. Part of the problem is we’re combining several different principles and actions into a singular argument, rather than taking them in turn.

    1) Should she be mercilessly criticized for her statements? Of course. There’s no conflict of principle there and if any conservative says otherwise they’re suicidally stupid.

    2) Should she be jailed for the joke? No. It wouldn’t be “living by the new rules” to do so – it would be defeat and capitulation to the very authoritarians we’re fighting.

    3) Should she be fired? Rather, should her employer be forced to fire her due to public pressure? This is probably the most contentious point among “our side”, and what I *think* you and Schlichter are advocating as the proper way to hold them to account, though I’m not sure.

    We’re probably 90%+ in agreement on general worldview, and I’m very open to vigorous and even somewhat hypocritical actions (ie Alinsky school) against the left in order to neutralize the threat to liberty they pose. So while those who say we should do “nothing” about Jo Brand are wrong, it’s also important to spell out exactly what should be done about/to her by those in the Schlichter camp, if you will.

  2. ” So while those who say we should do “nothing” about Jo Brand are wrong, it’s also important to spell out exactly what should be done about/to her by those in the Schlichter camp, if you will.”

    She should get the same treatment as handed out to others who make exactly the same sort of comments, just about one of the Left’s pet groups. So sacked, al la Danny Baker or Carole Thatcher, and/or prosecuted as in the blokes who called Anna Soubry a Nazi. If shouting ‘Nazi’ at a politician is a criminal offence, surely inciting a politician (Farage) to be attacked with acid is as well?

  3. The law should be evenly applied, at minimum. It’s too bad that repealing hate speech legislation altogether seems less likely than Nigeria establishing a Mars colony.

    I hadn’t considered her employer in my OP. Browsing wikipedia she seems to be a BBC employee. So the case for firing her for arguably libelous and inciting comments from a taxpayer-funded gig seems pretty strong.

    The scariest thing about all this is that leftist footsoldiers really do deserve our bigotry of low expectations, and are stupid enough, have a short enough time preference, and are emotionally damaged enough to really throw acid on someone like Farage or Benjamin. My gut tells me about a 1/4 chance of someone maimed or killed as a indirect result of her comments.

    Hopefully I’ve overestimated her influence and underestimated their cowardice.

  4. I’m saying press for firing, while constantly reminding that these are the left’s rules, and we can go back to the old rules if they agree.

    Jailing? Not at the moment. But as soon as a right-winger is jailed, then yes, we press for that for left-wingers too, again with constant reminders that we can go back to the old rules as soon as the left agrees. (In reality, of course, the chance of somneone like Jo Brand going to jail are zero, she’s more likely to get a medal, so I’m not going to lose any sleep over the idea that she could soon be breaking rocks on a chain gang).

    Even this is not enough, because the treatment of both sides is still very unequal. The conservatives don’t just suffer the immediate punishment, they suffer for the rest of their lives from banishment. Rosanne Barr, for example, is finished. Whereas left-wingers get re-hired as soon as the heat dies down (as happened to James Gunn, left-wing director of Guardians of the Galaxy who was forever making jokes about underage sex and hanging our with paedo friends).

    You might say that this is fighting on the enemy’s territory, which is a bad idea. The problem is, we lost the battle on our territory, we got slaughtered, and this is the only battle left to us.

  5. Of course they will.
    Which current BBC contracted presenter has said the following:
    ‘Stop spending money on cancer research and spend it on animal welfare instead’
    ‘Christianity is to blame for climate change and damage to the environment’
    ‘Pandas should be allowed to die out, its a waste of money trying to conserve them’

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