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Does fine talk win political street fights?

The great Natalie Solent at Samizdata says this:

We don’t want to make the enemy live up to their own book of rules, we want them to see the necessity of adopting ours. So we take the high road, but make a point of pointing out that this is ‘hate speech’, and that ‘free speech means tolerating hate speech like this’.

I agree with Natalie’s ultimate aims, but I’ve come to doubt the effectiveness of this sort of method, so I replied:

In theory that’s all fine. But how’s it working in real life? Not so well, huh? Leftists say what they want and lord it over us, while anyone right-wing, or even not sufficiently left-wing (like Danny Baker) get fed to the lions. Every day the ratchet gets tightened, and fine talk gets us nowhere.


There were plenty of principled people in the USSR who made fine speeches, and then they were taken into the forests and shot.


As for Jo Brand, she doesn’t even strike me as someone who would be appalled and repelled when the killing starts. I don’t imagine she’d ever instigate it, but I can see her cackling over it when heads start rolling.

As I’ve said many times, even the supposedly paranoid anti-Communist right doesn’t understand how ruthless, determined and insane the left is. History tells us that even the apparently nice, quiet and bookish intellectuals can’t wait to have you beaten to a pulp within days of them gaining power.

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One thought on “Does fine talk win political street fights?

  1. Yeah.

    The only peace between national / international socialists and everyone else is the peace imposed on Japan and Germany……

    I don’t welcome this I merely accept it.

    Jo Brand was on the state broadcaster. Free speech can only exist when the left admits its critics are people.

    Ordinary folk have lost free speech, armed self defence, border protection, reasonable taxation, reasonable respect for parental roles, the tolerable administration of justice, British people breeding over replacement rate, a reasonable cost of living and freedom of association to the left and its green, grievance culture over sixty years of defeat and retreat from leftie demands.

    We haven’t got much space left to retreat into before we are dead in a generation.

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