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From a removalist review site:

I am absolutely livid with a removal company we used after receiving a referral from an online site [removed] and i believe it is important to let you know before someone else experiences what we went through in the hope that you may be able to stop these cowboys.

After confirming our removal dates i went online to get some quotes and came across the compare website. Which i thought was great as it saved me the inconvenience of filling out 101 forms. Almost immediately i received numerous phonecalls from companies all offering me a quote. So i choose four and they each came down and assessed our move.

We were visited by one gentleman called ‘Adam’ whose name later turned out to be Hussain, and he was very polite, assessed the job and told my mum that he would be happy that on top of her household belongings he would organise another truck for our garden things to go to a separate address (As we were not moving immediately into our new home and the plants would die in storage). He would include all of this in his fully inclusive quote.

When we received back all the quotes, Adam/ Hussain’s was one of the best and we liked that he has agreed to do a seperate truck for her garden things. So we decided to go with his company.

On the morning of the move, Adam disclosed that his name was Hussain but all of this colleagues refer to each other as Adam. They then stormed into rooms which hadn’t yet been packed and started to throw things into unsealed boxes despite us asking them to start in rooms which were ready to go. It seemed as though they were in such a rush they wanted to be in and out in an hour and they were not up for following our instructions. The did not take any care or attention with our belongings.

At several points my boyfriend had to firmly tell them to stop throwing our stuff and look at the boxes which had fragile tapped on them and be extra careful. It seemed as though they listened to a fellow man slightly, but paid no attention to us women at all!One of Hussains work men then complained throughout the day about how much stuff my mum had, it seemed difficult for him to understand that as a removal company he was being paid to remove things and not complain. He then said that Hussain had under quoted us as we had too much stuff. Again this was not my fault nor had Hussain said anything to me at this point.

Hussain had several arguments with his colleagues throughout the day. None of which were in English and each lasted about 15-20 minutes. Which all set back the day even further. Eventually two trucks were full, after various conversations about them being more careful with our things and after listening to hours of complaints about how much stuff there was.

I spoke with Hussain over the phone and asked him when was he coming back to collect the garden things as promised. After a lot of hesitation he said he would be back within a hour with another truck, but first needed to unload our stuff at the storage. At which point he wanted paying in cash too. An hour passed, two, and Hussain stopped answering his phone, until eventually about 9pm Hussain answered his phone to tell me he was not coming back and that i must pay him in cash, otherwise we would not see our things again. Furthermore he persisted that the cost of storage had now gone up and that he needed to be paid extra. He point blank refused to come back for the rest of the belongings and said that he had never agreed to do the extra truck for the garden things.

As you can imagine we were panicking as we had to be out of the property completely, with it cleaned by the following day. We exchanged some harsh words over the phone as i felt completely conned and ripped off as Hussain continued to call me a liar and that we had brought more stuff to our house than he had first seen and he was not coming back to take any more. He wouldnt allow me to speak and keep shouting over me until he told me that i was a very unpleasant person and that i should not lie. i was fuming at this point as you can imagine!

Unfortunately i had to agree to disagree because i wanted our stuff to be returned on the agreed delivery date. The delivery was then agreed for 12pm on the 13 December. I reluctantly paid Hussain the amount requested via bank transfer. To which he continued to say that he had not received the money. When i asked him if he had checked his bank account he said he hadnt. It was like a game of cat and mouse.

The day before the re delivery Hussain sent an email to myself confirming the delivery and stating that he wanted paying for the rest of the job by 10am the following morning. I sent him back an email from him stating that the rest of the payment was to be made after the job was complete. Again i contacted him and tried to discuss the fact that you pay for a service once it has been completed and the initial agreement was to be paid after, as stated in his original quote and email. Nevertheless Hussain refused to complete the job unless he was paid beforehand. So i transferred the money via bank transfer immediately to ensure he would have it before delivery as we didnt have any legs to stand on.

Hussain and his colleagues then turned up with one truck at 3pm, after saying they would be there just before 12pm. They then began to unload the trucks but not before Hussain said to my mum that he hadnt been paid and he was unwilling to do anything until he was paid. I then called him as i wasnt at the property that day and informed him that the payment had already been paid. He proceeded to ask me how much, so i informed him the amount he stated in his email, so he asked again how much, so i told him the remaining balance of 593.00. To which he responded well i havent checked my account yet so i dont know if it has gone through. I then asked how long until the second truck would be there and he continued to hesitate and said within the next hour or two.

The second van then turned up at 11:20pm! As you can imagine not only were we extremely frustrated and upset by this point, but we were absolutely knackered and emotionally distraught by it all, wishing for it to be over. Until at 11:30pm Hussain stood in front of our house and refused to take anything else off the trucks and started shouting that he hadnt been paid, that my sister was to go to a bank and withdraw the rest of the money for him immediately. Baring in mind we have neighbours and this was extremely late at night. At which point my sister stood on his truck and told my mum to call the police as Hussain became more and more aggressive and threatening towards my mum and sister.

When both trucks did turn up, not only were the removers so careless with our belongings they have come back broken, scratched, chunks missing from all sorts, the washing machine drum was knocked out of place, boxes were dropped in front of our eyes and things were heard smashing, it was absolutely tremendous. My mum is in the process of putting together a list of broken things so we can go to their insurers.

He did eventually unload the rest of our things when he was aware that my mum was on the phone to the police, but refused to take boxes to the rooms they belonged and threw things were ever he felt he could.

We are so relieved that the whole ordeal is now over but i think it is important for you to be aware of these cowboys as they are operating under such false terms and are con men within the Camden area. Furthermore whilst Hussain was on our job he received a phone call from another client, to which he spent a while arguing with on the phone until eventually Hussain said he would give him a refund. I have reported our situation to the online compare website and asked them to remove them from the list of approved agencies.

I hope that you may be able to offer me some more advice about what can be done to stop these cowboys from ripping anyone else off and making their move a miserable and horrendous ordeal. Hussain was our main contact, although they all answer to the name Adam.

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