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Rory Stewart is just the latest in a long line of quasi-religious Tartuffe figures

There’s a certain influential section of the middle class that longs for spiritual authority figures to take control of our messy lives and ‘heal’ us all. But as traditional religion has waned in recent decades, politicians are more than ever filling that space. Barack Obama was the most obvious such figure of recent years, with his wafty-but-vacuous speeches. Rod ‘Rory’ Stewart is fast becoming the latest British one:

Why Rory Stewart is exactly what the nation needs …


But listening to Rory Stewart launch his leadership campaign, I was briefly reminded that not all MPs are venal, self-serving, and incapable of expressing empathy. Here was a man who spoke of positivity and action, and most controversially of all, of love.


When asked by a young transgender person what he planned to do about the politics of negativism that have turned this country from a comforting bell shape, most of us in the middle, to a polarised U shape, Stewart answered with sincerity. He said he would “embrace you, welcome you…” and added how important it was “in our society to cherish each other, how much we should respect each other’s identity. And this is about…” Stewart paused for a moment. “It’s about listening, and I’m afraid it’s about love.” As in, there isn’t much of it around right now.

Bryony Gordon is exactly the sort of person to be taken in by this sort of con-man. Dippy and depressive, and, behind the cynical facade, hungry for something shinier and happier, preferably something all surface so she doesn’t have to worry about things not being so rosy when you dig down deeper. This is exactly the way seemingly sane people talked about St Obama when he twigged that empty platitudes made the middle classes swoon.

You won’t like Rory when he’s angry. Actually, you won’t like him when he’s not angry either, as he’s a prancing ninny.

And of course Bryony hasn’t noticed that most of the nation is not in need of anything remotely resembling a Rory Stewart figure in their lives. They’ve been screwed over for years by people like Rory Stewart, and what they’re desperate for is an anti-Rory, a plain-speaking rebel who’ll get them out of the corner they’ve been boxed into by the exact Establishment policies that Stewart wants to continue. That’s why Nigel Farage, seemingly yesterday’s figure, has come back to life so dramatically. But she doesn’t appreciate that because she lives in her own bubble.

Listening! Love! Had I just stumbled across some sort of inspirational Ted talk by a peace activist? I mean, the whole thing did take place in a circus tent. But no, this was real, this was happening, this was a leadership candidate who spoke of hope and possibility and wanted to unite through faith not fear.

How exactly is he going to unite us? Take those people who throw milkshakes at politicians. Or those people who want to jail anyone who denies that men can be women. Is Rory Stewart getting them and their enemies all together in a big circus tent and saying he loves them all going to unite them? Is he going to unite the people who want a large increase in the minimum wage with those people who think the minimum wage is pointless? Is he going to unite the Barclay brothers with Sir Philip Green?

Stewart is just the latest hyper-Establishment figure trying to flim-flam middle-class suckers, and that’s why the media is desperately bigging him up. He’s the new Tony Blair. Luckily enough people, I think, have woken up and are no longer in the mood for that BS.

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7 thoughts on “Rory Stewart is just the latest in a long line of quasi-religious Tartuffe figures

  1. Stewart let the cat out of the bag last night – though I doubt he intended to. His remark that “the only way out of this room is a door marked ‘Parliament'” is spot on. Parliament is The Problem. Westminster must be forced to acknowledge that sovereignty belongs to The People. If Parliament had faithfully implemented our instruction we would not be stuck in the EU’s Waiting Room.

  2. “You won’t like Rory when he’s angry. Actually, you won’t like him when he’s not angry either, as he’s a prancing ninny.”
    What a pathetic caption , fuck off….actually the whole article is written by someone whos a grade A prick , so double fuck off really , cheers for now

  3. To govern is to choose, you can’t please everyone. Hence anyone who says you can is a liar. Either because they are lying to themselves, or they are using the lie as a cover for what they really want to do, to convince their opponents they aren’t going to lose out.

    Lets take those who want higher taxes vs those who want lower taxes. Which side is Rory on? He can’t be on both, its an either or choice. I think we know the answer to that, so his ‘peace love and unity’ shtick is just flim-flam to divert the attention of those who would lose out under his leadership. The same goes for every other polarising argument facing the UK today – immigration, Brexit, free speech, identity politics etc etc. Love isn’t going to square those circles – you have to chose a side. And I think we all know what side Rory would be siding with on all those issues……….

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