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Rory Stewart is just the latest in a long line of quasi-religious Tartuffe figures — 7 Comments

  1. Stewart let the cat out of the bag last night – though I doubt he intended to. His remark that “the only way out of this room is a door marked ‘Parliament'” is spot on. Parliament is The Problem. Westminster must be forced to acknowledge that sovereignty belongs to The People. If Parliament had faithfully implemented our instruction we would not be stuck in the EU’s Waiting Room.

  2. “You won’t like Rory when he’s angry. Actually, you won’t like him when he’s not angry either, as he’s a prancing ninny.”
    What a pathetic caption , fuck off….actually the whole article is written by someone whos a grade A prick , so double fuck off really , cheers for now

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  4. To govern is to choose, you can’t please everyone. Hence anyone who says you can is a liar. Either because they are lying to themselves, or they are using the lie as a cover for what they really want to do, to convince their opponents they aren’t going to lose out.

    Lets take those who want higher taxes vs those who want lower taxes. Which side is Rory on? He can’t be on both, its an either or choice. I think we know the answer to that, so his ‘peace love and unity’ shtick is just flim-flam to divert the attention of those who would lose out under his leadership. The same goes for every other polarising argument facing the UK today – immigration, Brexit, free speech, identity politics etc etc. Love isn’t going to square those circles – you have to chose a side. And I think we all know what side Rory would be siding with on all those issues……….

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