One thought on “The Rory-media lover affair is not over

  1. He’ll be the new Ken Clarke – the ‘good’ Tory MP that the Leftists wheel out to balance out that the rest of their panel are all left and far left, and then they can all call any semi-conservative Tories Far Right fascist, racist, sexist, homophobic scumbags. And its all politically balanced don’t you know!

    [as an aside I keep trying to think what the mirror image of this would be – a BBC political debate where the only person on the from the Left at all would be someone like Kate Hoey, or Frank Field, and the rest would include a Ken Clarke figure, a Gove/Boris figure, a Dan Hannan/Farage type figure and maybe a rightist journalist like James Delingpole. The very idea of it is laughable, it could never happen, but it happens every day on the BBC, just in reverse]

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