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  1. Thank you for describing me as seemingly generally sound and sensible. I do try to be so, especially being aware of the concerns of others. Last week, for instance, while out shopping I bought 2 loaves of bread. I didn’t really need the bread but all I had in my basket was a toaster and a bath plug, and I didn’t want the lady on the check-out to worry.
    As far as dealing with road traffic incidents are concerned, I did mention that I retired from the Police some years ago and, in trying to put ‘the other side of the story’ so to speak, any comments I made were based on the experiences and policies of the time. I have no idea if the policies of today are to cause as much delay and inconvenience to the public as possible (especially where Jeremy Clarkson is concerned and that is something I may still agree with – ex Policeman’s joke). As I feel unable to add anything sensible, perhaps someone still in the job may care to comment.
    Mind how you go.

  2. I’m interested in the fact that for a sideswipe Plod would turn up. Unless of course it was a hate sideswipe and they would be there in seconds. It’s usually exchange details unless there is an injury and if there is an injury we expect a bit of checking. Just not 5 hours worth unless it was a terrorist attack or a major incident involving lots of people.

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